Keywords: Odessa, Georgian democratic Republic, Consulate


The purpose of this paper is to study the activities of the Georgian Consulate in Odessa (1918-1921), based on positivism methodology. This theme is carefully illuminated by us for the first time in historiography. The study made the following conclusions: 1) the foundation of the Georgian Consulate in Odessa was due to the long process of existence of the Georgian community in this city; 2) there were stages in the existence of the Consulate: September 1918 - March 1919 - the establishment of the Consulate, mainly for activities aimed at the transport intermediation for former soldiers and refugees, and economic cooperation; March-August 1919 - the activity in extreme conditions of Communist terror, and assistance to inmates; September 1919 - January 1920 - a break in the existence of the Consulate, which was closed by supporters of the Russian Empire restoration; January 1920 - February 1921 - activity in Odessa of “the Special economic mission of the Georgian democratic Republic”, which was actually a form of activity of recovered Consulat. The Georgian Consulate in 1918-1921 in Odessa laid a solid ideological Foundation for the modern phenomenon – the establishment in 1998 of the Consulate General of Georgia in Odessa, which still operates today. Further Studios of this theme must be unfolded in the direction of expansion of the source base, study of Russian and Georgian archives, private family collections, which primarily should contain valuable sources for additional disclosure of the topic. The practical significance of the results achieved lies in the fact that the study can be used for the contemporary diplomatic service of Ukraine and Georgia, the formation of the policy of historical memory, with the aim of honoring anniversaries of events related to important aspects of the Georgian Consulate’s activity in Odessa.


Muzychko, O. (2017). The Consulate General of the Georgian  Democratic Republic in Odessa in 1918–1921: Main Activities, Figures, Value. Mìžnarodnì zv’âzki Ukraïni: naukovì pošuki ì znahìdki – The International relations of Ukraine: scientific searches and findings, 26, 436-447 [in Ukrainian].


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Oleksandr Muzychko. (2017). THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE GEORGIAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC IN ODESSA IN 1918–1921: MAIN ACTIVITIES, FIGURES, VALUE. International Relations of Ukraine: Scientific Searches and Findings, (26), 436-447.