Keywords: Austria, Ukraine, Association Agreement, European Union, Russian influence


The paper deals with the Russian influence on the Austrian position in the context of the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement. The author proves that at start of the Ukrainian – EU relations the Republic of Austria approved Ukraine’s European aspirations and actively supported them. This publication analyzes the reasons why the attitude of Austrian politicians and public society in the context of the Ukraine – EU integration sharply deteriorated after 2004. The article notes that Russian propaganda is the most influenced the change in attitudes of Austrian citizens about Ukraine. Growing euroscepticism is also closely associated with the activities of Russian information resources. Large funds were involved by the Russian Federation to discredit the Association Agreement, both in Ukraine and in other European countries. This process unfolded with new vigor during the aggression of Russia against Ukraine in the 2014-17. Some Austrian businessmen continued to collaborate with the aggressor and concluded new agreements. A significant delaying ratification of the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement is also closely related to the impact of Russian business on Austrian politics. However, it should be noted that the Austrian side has ratified the Ukraine –  European Union Association Agreement. Republic of Austria acceded to the European sanctions regime against the Russian Federation and does not weaken it, despite considerable pressure from the pro-Russian part of Austrian politicians and businessmen. Austria has stood the test, and now Ukrainians have to make reciprocal steps. Ukraine should pursue a deliberate policy aimed at creating a range of partners with which to implement joint integration projects. Future cooperation between the Republic of Austria and Ukraine has an important aspect – the vision of the continuing development of integration processes in Europe.


Safarians, Y. (2017). Russian Influence on the Position of Austria in the Context of the Ukraine – European Union  Association Agreement. Mìžnarodnì zv’âzki Ukraïni: naukovì pošuki ì znahìdki – The International relations of Ukraine: scientific searches and findings, 26, 209-224 [in Ukrainian].


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