Keywords: twin-cities, partner cities, sources, partnership, international cooperation, Odessa, Odessa Region


In today’s conditions of active growth of the non-government parties’ participation in international relations and fast development of the municipal partnership, the issues of identification, analysis and generalization of the source base of the formation of a complex phenomenon of twin cities as participants of the international cooperation are becoming of paramount importance. The article analyzes the source base of the process of formation, development and modern state of twin and partner relations of Odessa, as well as international cooperation of Odessa Region in the second half of the XXth – beginning of the XXIth centuries.

The basis of the source for the study consists of published and unpublished archival materials which are stored in the archives of the Union of Soviet Friendship and Cultural Relations with foreign countries, the Association of Soviet and Foreign Cities, the regional and city committees of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the archives of regional and state administrations, city councils and city executive committees, archives of local authorities of twin and partner cities. The second group of sources is represented by materials from periodicals containing reports on exchanges of delegations, joint events, speeches by members of delegations of twin cities. A separate group of sources consists of journalistic publications, materials from the Internet portals, information resources, which quickly covers the news and expert opinions on cultural, educational and other international events, the establishment of twin/partner relations and the development of the international volunteer movement. In general, the source base is wide and diverse and quite sufficient for a comprehensive analysis and comprehensive coverage of the international cooperation of Odessa Region during the specified period. Large-scale complex of archival documents that are stored in the State Archives of the Odessa Region, the Department of Archival Affairs of the Odessa City Council and departmental archives of the region are required further scientific analysis and synthesis.


Levchuk, V. (2017). International Cooperation of the Odessa Region  (1950–2015): General Characteristics of  the Source Base. Mìžnarodnì zv’âzki Ukraïni: naukovì pošuki ì znahìdki – The International relations of Ukraine: scientific searches and findings, 26, 50-58 [in Ukrainian].


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Volodymyr Levchuk. (2017). INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION OF THE ODESSA REGION (1950–2015): GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SOURCE BASE . International Relations of Ukraine: Scientific Searches and Findings, (26), 50-58.