Keywords: agriculture, contingent, cooperative movement, forced labor


This article examines the main aspects of the economic policy of the German administration within the Kolomyia region during 1941-1944. On the bases of „Vollia Pokuttya“ news, the directions of Germany economic governance in the agrarian and trade commercial sector were singled out. The economic policy pursued by the German occupation authorities in the Kolomyia region vividly reflected the general trend of expansionist use of industrial and human potential in the district of Galicia. This led to acts of disobedience and sabotage of grain supplies by the peasants and a harsh reaction from the authorities. Nazi officials pursued a similar policy in the cities. By allowing the resumption of business and cooperatives, the Germans hoped to gain the loyalty of local residents. However, support could not be achieved, as de facto control over the above institutions continued to be exercised by various governmental economic groups, which included all existing industrial organizations, craft associations, and consumer cooperatives. Mobilization and organization government measures concerning the departure of the population for job to the Reich were illuminated, and also described their life conditions and social-legal status. In particular, the goal of agricultural and handicraft courses, which operated in Kolomyia’s county, was analyzed. The paper highlights that the organization of professional education was suitable for pragmatic considerations of the Nazi administration, as military failures give the power a push to attract local population to spend active agricultural life.

This study is the first attempt of complex assessment of economic policy of the German occupation regime in the mentioned terrains. Therefore, the results of this paper are important both for the further development of historical regionalism and in the context of studies devoted to the Second World War


Aftanas, A. (2021). Economic Policy of the German Occupational Authority in the Kolomyia Region (According to the “Vollia Pokuttya” Newspaper  1941 – 1944). Mìžnarodnì zv’âzki Ukraïni: naukovì pošuki ì znahìdki – The International relations of Ukraine: scientific searches and findings, 30, 325-341 [in German].


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