HUMAN BEING IN HISTORY vs HISTORY IN HUMAN BEING: Horizons of interaction of History and Psychology

Keywords: history, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychohistory, interdisciplinary interaction, historical process, historical conscience, human rights, life experience


The problems of interdisciplinary interaction of History with other Social Sciences have already become the subject of a serious and consecutive scientific research.  In this wide spectre of thoughts and opinions a special interest may be paid to considerations and evaluations of a complex process of forming interaction between History and Psychology. In Historiography there even have been formed a new direction, called Psychohistory. Besides, there have remained the achievements of previous generations of historians who didn’t avoid psychological aspects of world and national historical process in their works.

It is not the subject matter of this article to elucidate in details the evolution of any particular stage in forming a given direction of modern historiography or any particular segment of psychological discourse. We rather propose a wider historiosophical generalization of problems and perspectives of the method to unite history and psychology.

The author accentuates the necessity to enhance the level of general psychologic culture of both ruling elite and wide circles of ordinary public while taking into consideration the potential of communication in order to avoid conflicts. In this sense a separate methodological problem of great importance is psychologic culture of historians themselves as well as their readiness to use rich experience of Psychologic Science in their adequate research of the past.  National Historiography is only in the beginning of the road to cognize social processes and historical peculiarities, especially of a recent past. But, at the same time, Ukrainian historic science has rich traditions of deep psychologic penetration into human dimension of national history.  Effective combination of traditional experience and new methodological freedom of innovative historical thinking remains a serious methodological challenge on the new stage of national Historiography which requires the feeling of homogeneity of a historical process and, correspondingly, new understanding of homogeneity of historical conscience


Gorenko, O. (2019). Human Being in History vs History in Human Being: Horizons of interaction of History and Psychology. Mìžnarodnì zv’âzki Ukraïni: naukovì pošuki ì znahìdki – The International relations of Ukraine: scientific searches and findings, 28, 317-339 [in Ukrainian].


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